What are the prices for admission, camping, etc…?

Check out the ticket page for Creation Northwest.

Do you have a scheduled time when singers and speakers will be on stage?

We will not have a finalized detailed schedule until the event. It will be published in our program on site. In the meantime, check out the artist lineup page and our tentative schedule.

What if I need additional tickets?

Simply order the additional tickets you need on-line, over the phone or through the mail as you normally would. If you have any questions please call our office at 800-327-6921.

Are bar-coded tickets transferable?

Yes, your bar-coded ticket(s) can be sold and used by another party.

Do you just sit anywhere on the festival grounds?

You will sit in the main arena and yes, you can sit anywhere there is open space. However, tarps may not be left out overnight.

Do you stay in one place all day? Can you save your place?

You can leave your blanket, etc. on the ground and be in one spot for the entire day. However you will have to find a new place each day, as tarps/blankets may not be left out overnight.

When can I get there and when do I have to leave?

Gates will open to the public on Wednesday, July 12th and everyone must leave the site by Sunday, July 16th.

Are there discounts on tickets for the festival?

Yes! Getting involved with the festival as a volunteer or bringing a large group of 10+ have great discounts for any budget!  Group Passes    Volunteer Sign Up

Does the fun go on all year?

Go to the other events page for a list of all Creation Concerts in your area. Eventbrite.com also has information on who’s playing where and when… plus you can order your tickets online! Once you become a member, you will even be notified by email when your 3 favorite artists are having a show in your region.

Can we bring blankets into the main arena area?

Yes, but you should take your blanket with you at the end of the evening program. Do not leave it in the arena overnight or it will be taken to “Lost and Found”. Chairs are allowed in the main arena area only to the rear of the sound tower. The front of the sound tower is reserved for blankets only. No stakes are permitted in the arena area to secure blankets. Never, under any circumstances block the aisle or rush the stage. We need your help in establishing an “honor system” regarding seating. In order to eliminate the early morning “Oklahoma Land Rush” with blankets, it has been necessary to ask you to pick only one day in which to sit in front of the sound booth area. This policy can only work with your good faith efforts.* Church youth leaders should make sure that their group abides by this policy. With the Jumbotrons, you actually see better at a distance. *(Creation reserves the right to remove chronic offenders)

How do I become an exhibitor?

The Exhibits Area will have many booths featuring a wide variety of Christian oriented materials, crafts, apparel and informational booths. If you or your organization would like to apply for an exhibitor booth, you can find information, pricing, etc. here.  If you need additional assistance after reading all of the exhibitor information provided on our website, you can contact Nickey Hall by email at  exhibits@creationfest.com or by phone at 1(800)327-6921 x204. The booth area will close each evening for approximately one hour during the evening message so that everyone can attend. Creation features a great selection of all the latest Christian music, apparel, information on ministry organizations and schools and various products.

Are cameras allowed?

Regular cameras and video cameras are permitted at Creation. However, any professional camera equipment (including tripods, cameras with removable lenses, etc) is not. Photos must be taken from where ever you will be standing/sitting during the performances… no special passes will be issued. Also, video-taping of an entire performance is prohibited. This is agreed upon by the Creation Festival and the performing artist to protect the artists’ rights. Thank you for your cooperation.

What’s the dress code at Creation?

Leaders, Chaperones and Parents: We need your help in enforcing this policy – our staff cannot do it alone! MODESTY is the key word. While the style and fashion these days seems to be “less is best,” we do not want to be guilty of causing another person to stumble. Girls: Bathing suits are NOT permitted, except in the showers. Clothes must be put on over your bathing suit for the walk back to your campsite from the showers. Tank tops are fine but bellies must be covered (even though the fashion now is to show it off). Shorts and/or skirts need to be long enough and shirts big enough. Guys are not exempt from the dress code: SHIRTS (and shoes) MUST be worn by all at all times.

Are fireworks allowed at Creation?

No. Fireworks cannot be brought onto the grounds.

Are there food options at the festival?

Yes. The Food Court is open for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. There is a wide variety of fast food available for purchase including: fresh fruit, pizza, cheese steaks, hamburgers, soda, funnel cakes, fries, Mexican, Chinese, and much more.

Are golf carts or ATV’s allowed?

No individual golf carts or ATV’s are permitted, the only golf carts & ATV’s allowed are those in use for Creation Staff that are provided by the festival.

Is there a lost and found at Creation?

All lost and found items should be taken to, or retrieved from the festival’s Lost and Found, located by the Main Office. Any valuable items (i.e. cameras, phones, jewelry, glasses, medication, keys, etc) that are turned in to Lost & Found and are not claimed at the festival will be brought back to the Creation Main office in NJ. If you lost an item at the event please email help@creationfest.com with your name, address, phone number and a DETAILED description of the item that was lost. We will check the returned items and/or keep your email on file in case anything turns up at a later time.

Are pets allowed at Creation?

Pets are not allowed on the festival grounds. Including parking and camping areas. Please make arrangements with a nearby kennel (or family member) to care for your pet while you are at the Festival.

Are there options for the hard of hearing?

Creation Festival does offer a Deaf Ministry at the festival for the Main Stage events. The Creation Festival complies to the ASL Standards.

Can I smoke at Creation?

Smoking is not allowed in the public areas of the festival. If you need to smoke, please limit this to your own campsite or off festival grounds.

What are some examples of things to bring with me to Creation?

Your ticket, pen and notebook, sleeping bag, tent or camper, flashlight, cooking supplies, buckets, BIBLE, wash basin, umbrella, toothpaste, soap, towels, insect repellent, money, sunglasses, hat, sweater, and blanket.

Will there be photographers and videographers on site?

Photographers and videographers will be on site to document the Creation Festival. Many of these images will be used in the future for promotional purposes. By attending the Creation Festival, you are giving up any rights you might have with regards to these photos and will be deemed as having given permission for use of the same. This includes but is not limited to photos, video and audio. As the attendee you grant the Creation Festival, its employees, contractors, and all media the right to record, film, tape and photograph for the purposes of promotion and media coverage for the festival. This will include all forms of media including, but not limited to broadcast, print, email and website usage.

Are there shuttle busses available at all at the festival?

Yes! Shuttle busses will run from the Main Site to Two Rivers throughout the day.

Does Creation offer a military discount?

Yes!  Please email proof of military service to help@creationfest.com in order to receive a promotional code that can be used for a discount on your festival tickets.