Creation Works – a work trip for your students!

Many come to the Creation grounds and see the end product: the various stages built, the flagged fields, the wood’s seminar stages raked, the showers prepared, and the snow fence all in place. However we are often asked how can someone be a part of making that happen and lend a hand with the advanced preparation that turn the farm fields into mission fields? If you’ve ever wondered, or ever wanted to be involved as God begins His ministry on the festival grounds, this is for you!


  • Saturday: Arrival and campsite set-up (you don’t have to camp onsite to be apart of Creation Works)
  • Sunday – Tuesday: Serve each day throughout the grounds in various areas as we prepare for the festival.
  • Wed – Saturday: Serve one 4.5 hour shift per day, and become incorporated into Camp Creation each day
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are provided starting breakfast on Sunday of set-up, and ending Saturday at dinner.
  • There are daily sessions of worship and teaching during set-up, and as part of the Camp Creation schedule

To Request More Info, Email
or call 800-327-6921 ext. 202