Festival Experiences & Activities

Life Changing Experiences

Candle Lighting

When you ask attendees for their favorite memories of Creation, they almost always mention the candle lighting service. Literally, we become a “city set on a hill.” All the artificial lights go out and the only lighting is that of thousands of brothers and sisters in the Lord each holding a candle. Together we hear those words of Jesus, “You are the light of the world” and we are encouraged to let that light shine. It’s definitely an experience you won’t forget.


Creation has always and will continue to make the Word of God central to the week.  Not only to have have times of great messages in the morning and evening but we have GREAT SEMINARS in the afternoon in the cool of our wooded arenas.  You can hear messages on relevant topics to our faith and daily life in a closer gathering setting.


Celebrating Communion (The Lord’s Supper) together as a community of believers brings us into remembrance of the salvation purchased by Christ on the Cross.  It is a time where we welcome the Holy Spirit to prepare our hearts and to remember and receive the Bread and the Cup.  John 6:35  Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.”

Prayer & Meditation Trail

The Creation Festival offers a great experience with hiking and Prayer Walk through the woods at the Agape Farm.  This is a time where you can connect with God’s creation and meditate on the his Word.  Be sure to make time for this through the week.


Baptism is such a declaration of our faith in Jesus and spiritually exciting and moment at Creation. Youth leaders often bring those desiring to be baptized, as well as all those who accept Christ at Creation and follow the Lord’s example in the waters of baptism. Many thousands of people have been baptized at Creation while crowds of people encircle the pond and sing, cheer and hug those coming out of the water.   2 Corinthians 5:17: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”

Fun Experiences

Dance Parties

Creation will once again be hosting a late night dance party and Electric DJ stage.  This is a safe and fun time for kids of all ages to dance to some of the most current and electrifying music from the week of the festival.

Sports Zone

Extreme Sports zone features fun and competitive games and activities through the week.  Play games with your friends or team with others this is a great time all week and fun way to experience Creation with others.

Skate Park

Extreme Sports skate parks have a special impact all of their own. Besides watching and saying, “how do they do that?” (Naturally these guys are experts in what they do), they also challenge the crowd to give their lives to Christ.

Paintball & Airsoft

New this year you can play and compete with others on one of the paintball or air-soft courses.   No experience or equipment is necessary, the sponsoring company will supply everything you need.  Their staff has years of experience to help get you started and assist with any questions or problems you may have.  They create a fun and safe environment, as well as offer some tips to help new players get into the game.  If you are interested you can sign up here.  Space is limited to 30 people per session where you will play in two teams.  Each session is approximately 1 hour.  REGISTER HERE   For questions please email help@creationfest.com.

Creative Experiences

Kid’s Zone

Creation KidZone is filled with fun and creative activities for kids and parents to joyfully focus attention on the Word of God.  The afternoon is filled with crafts, coloring, face painting and a bouncy house,  spreading smiles and the gospel message at the same time! Kids will take home their special creations, and parents some extra memories to treasure.  Located behind the Kids’ Tent in the main arena area; fees included in admission ticket.


The Creation Festival offers various ways to experience and express yourself through the arts.  We are ourself a beautiful and created “Tribute to our Creator”.  Whether with worship, paint, pen, music, spoken word, there are some great ways to experience the art of our God and creator at the Creation Festival.

Creation Merchandise

Take home that special reminder of your week at the Creation Festival.  Official Creation merchandise is offered at the Creation Store which is located in the Food Court.

Exploring Experiences

The Lookout

Creation Lookout is a special spot to view the panorama of Agape Farm and the neighboring land used by the festival. It’s quite a hike to the top of the mountain, but well worth it. People take turns getting photos and enjoying the fabulous view. If you can find a quiet moment it is also a great place to meditate on God’s Word and pray.

Raystown Lake

Raystown Lake only 30-40 min from the Creation site is a 8,000 acre lake with picnic areas, beaches, boat launches, campgrounds, hiking and biking trails, fishing, and marina.  If you are looking for an excursion to explore other activities or go swimming this is a great option to plan into your schedule.  For more information on the lake and all there is to do check out this site here.


Camping at the Creation Festival is truly where some of the most meaningful and life-changing experiences take place.  Whether it’s around the campfire, meal times, set up or tear-down, or just simply having fun with your mates, you must try camping with us.  Groups, families and friends have a great time and it takes many out of the hustle of the everyday and puts you right in the beautiful setting of God’s Creation at the Agape Farm in Mt. Union, PA.

Biking & Hiking

Creation is set in the beautiful rural mountains of central PA.  Bring your mountain bike or hiking shoes to explore some of the trails on-site at the Agape Farm, the surrounding area country roads or trails at Raystown Lake.  This is a great time to experience the great outdoors and and be part of the Creation Festival community.

Tarp Run

The famed “Tarp Run” takes place in the early hours of the morning (5:30am) that a majority of the crowd never sees it. It is not so much a run as it has evolved into more of an orderly “stake your claim” for the day so you can reserve a spot as close to the stage as possible.  It is a sight to behold, so grab your coffee and see you at the Main Arena!