Payment Plans

Attending Creation Is Easier and More Affordable!!

The Creation Payment Plan option is once again available. Purchase payment plan tickets by calling 800.327.6921.

Total Event Ticket & Day Ticket Payment Plan

Tickets will be available for purchase in multiple payments through our payment plan. If you require or need to use the Payment Plan, please call 800-327-6921. Payment Plan option is not available through the mail by check.

  • VIP tickets, hot shower passes and all applicable service fees MUST be paid in full in the initial order.
  • Normal ticket and service fees apply to Payment Plan options and tickets.
  • There is a limit of (1) payment plan order per Group Ticket Order.

TO ORDER CALL: 800-327-6921 (OPTION 1)

Total Event Payment Plan Pricing & Schedules

For tickets purchased made up to the Feb 12th, 2014 Deadline:
Payment 1 1/4 of Total, including all fees DATE OF PURCHASE up to February 12th
Payment 2 1/4 of Total, including all fees March 14th
Payment 3 1/4 of Total, including all fees April 11th
Payment 4 1/4 of Total, including all fees May 23rd (final payment)
  • Your first payment will serve to secure your ticket(s).
  • Payment Plan option is not available on the following items: VIP tents, VIP electric campsites, VIP seating, staff tickets, service charges and portable toilet rental.
  • All ticket fees including shipping and service charges will be added to your 1st payment.
  • Shipping of tickets will only be offered via email/ e-tickets. Your Creation e-tickets will only be sent once all fees have been paid and confirmed.
  • Creation Festivals will send you an e-mail each week reminding you of your outstanding balance. Be sure no spam blockers will stop this email. Creation Festivals is not responsible if you do not receive these e-mails for any reason.
  • IMPORTANT: If, for any reason, any of your payments are declined, in whole or in part, then all of the following will apply: (i) your order and your tickets will be cancelled (ii) any payment received as of that date will be kept by Creation Festivals as partial offset for your default, (iii) you will still owe the balance of the full amount due for each ticket and you authorize Creation Festivals to charge your credit card for any balance due, (iv) Creation Festivals will be entitled to pursue all of their legal and equitable remedies to recover the full payment from you, and (v) you agree to pay all costs of collection incurred by Creation Festivals, including legal fees, that they may incur in collecting the balance of each ticket price. Payment plan tickets are subject to all of the other terms of the ticketing agreement. No Refunds or Exchanges.
  • Click here for other Ticket Terms & Policies.