Artist Stories

Tenth Avenue North!


Jason Jamison (drummer for Tenth Avenue North) Recalls Creation:

Creation started, for me, when I attended my first Creation Festival at two years of age. I have been to Creation 23 out of 30 years of my life. Some of the best times were when I was a teen and began to realize that Creation was about music, God and worship. Creation was instrumental to me becoming involved in Christian music.

The moments that really stick out in my mind are the times of worship, and, for me, that sums up Creation quite a bit. That’s one of the reasons I now enjoy playing at Creation. I know they have an emphasis on worship and not just entertainment. It’s not just about jumping up and down but about worshiping our Creator; just like the banner says it is, “A Tribute To Our Creator.”

The first Creation I missed was because I was out touring with “Tenth Avenue North.” We toured for about six years and then we got word that there was a possibility of us playing at Creation! I remember, like, geeking out! I was so excited. I couldn’t understand how this could happen; from standing in a crowd, looking up on stage to now being on stage at Creation. Now the person on stage might be me! It was just kind of a weird moment.

I was so nervous the first year we played and all my family was out front cheering. We played about 10am in the morning. About mid-set, a huge gust of wind came through and a water-filled tarp came down on my drums and me. Kind of funny, just when you think it is all about you, God humbles you and wakes you up that this is not about me – it’s about Him.

As we have played Creation, being back stage and meeting Pastor Harry Thomas and the staff of Creation and the faces I have known, I have had the chance to get to know their heart behind why they do the festival. They really want to focus in on people meeting with God. As 10th Avenue North continues to come back to Creation we are hopeful that we contribute to that goal.

Watch The Video Below To Learn More About Tenth Avenue North

Family Force 5

ff5From playing the Fringe Stage, to Pirate-Golf-Carting, Family Force 5 and Creation Festival have always combined to produce amazing results. We began our journey in 2005 playing our sweaty set to one-hundred people at noon, networking as much as possible, and creating our own dance parties at our obnoxiously huge merchandise booth. It was then that we had our first encounters with the ridiculously accommodating and wonderfully friendly Creation staff, and got to meet the most important and incredible people at the festival, the youth groups and leaders that come to support the artists and experience God in an exciting way. From one-on-one witnessing opportunities to hot dogs and s’mores by the fire, year after tear we have been able to meet kids where they are and share a mutual positive impact.

Creation has brought us some of the most memorable festival experiences we’ve ever had. In 2010, after a cancelled flight in Houston, we had to drive all the way to Dallas, then fly into the Keystone State with only an hour to spare before showtime. We ran on stage in the rain, in flip flops, using borrowed gear and instruments from Every Day Sunday. Even though we all gained blistered feet and were robbed of every last penny of our fashion sense, Creation fans and staff lost their collective minds, respected our situation, and showed us unconditional love.

Again in 2012 we faced weather and schedule challenges. Pennsylvania wasn’t kind and brought a power-killing thunderstorm to the main stage, forcing delays and raising the possibility of a cancelled set. Again, Creation staff came through and, at our suggestion, allowed us to flip the script and throw our massive dance party before our main stage set in hopes that the storm would pass. Every rain-drenched, Red Bull infused kid ran as fast as possible to the join in the tent-sheltered, bass-infused mayhem. After an hour of sirens and dubstep, the plan worked, and the storm was over. On a moonlit, squeegeed stage, our headlining set went without a hitch.

In 2013, Crouton and I, after eating 4 different youth group campsite lunches, being blessed with giant yarn-beards, and assuming alter egos, stole a Creation golf cart and spread the joy of Pirate Golf carting to as many would listen to our shanties (video attached). We were greeted with smiles and soon had enough of a crew to commandeer our own vessel and sail the seas.

Being a part of Creation for as long as we have, Family Force 5 has been truly blessed. We’ve forged lifelong relationships with staff, fans and friends, and gained new family members by the dozens. We are looking forward to bringing as much fun as possible to Creation Festival 2014 this year, and hope to be a part of many more Creation festivals in the future.

Nathan (Nadaddy) Currin