Easter Message From Creation Festivals


I watched the National Geographic tv-movie “Killing Jesus.” The acting was excellent and the show had 3.7 million viewers.  I was concerned that the movie would stop at the crucifixion.  If Christ was not raised from the dead then we are lost.  Fortunately, the movie did not stop at the His sacrificial death.

The women who came to anoint His Body saw the stone rolled away. They walked into the cave only to find the bloodstained shroud in which he had been wrapped.  At first there was questioning in their eyes, but then one-by-one a slight smile appeared on their faces until you could see the joy rising up inside of them.

The Author of Life could not be held by death.  In deed, “death” itself has received a death sentence. Christ has conquered both sin and death and He is alive forevermore!  The bruised heel of Jesus has crushed the serpent’s head and disarmed the enemy.

At this Easter time, we want you to know that we are grateful for you. Thank you for being part of the festivals and for all your prayers.  This summer we hope to reach 100,000 people.  We really need you to stand with us.  Join with us in praying for God’s Holy Spirit to move upon all those attending.  Pray that every person coming through the gates will realize that Christ is alive and so they can know Him as their Lord and Savior.


Have a blessed Easter and we will see you this summer!  Christ is Risen, He is Risen indeed!


Serving the Resurrected One,

Pastor Harry L. Thomas, Jr.

Co-founder, Director

Count your blessings, this Thanksgiving...


If you have ever heard a sermon on Thanksgiving you probably have heard of the ten leprosy victims who were healed but only one came back to thank Jesus (Luke 17:11-19). Naturally, we wonder if we could have been part of the nine who experienced the deliverance of Jesus but failed to give thanks.  No one wants to be like that, you want to be the one who returned with a grateful heart.
After God had delivered His people from the hand of Pharaoh, God warned them.  “Deut. 6:12 “..then watch yourself, lest you forget the Lord who brought you from the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.”  Sadly, like the nine or the Israelites, we must admit that we fail in giving thanks to God for the many blessings He brings our way.
The old hymn says, “Count your blessings” and it goes on to say, “name them one by one. And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done!”  This Thanksgiving, take time to thank the Lord!  Be the one that came back to give thanks to Jesus and among those who do not forget what God has done!
Serving Jesus with Joy!
Pastor Harry

A New Year-Be Encouraged


With a New Year ahead, I am reminded of the burdens, challenges, successes, victories, and the unknown that we all look to face as we stand at the beginning of a New Year.

As a believer in the Lord Jesus, I am filled with hope, and happiness that does not come from things temporal, tied to this life, but those that are eternal.  It is the Agape Love of our Lord that fills my heart as a child of the Father.  As followers of Christ we should reflect HIs goodness and love to our fellow man, our neighbors.  Taking the light and love that is in us, through the Holy Spirit, and pouring that love into those around us whether that be our families, friends, co-workers, or  simply a stranger passing by.  It is a kind word, a helping hand, holding the door, taking time to listen, serving those in need, and being a blessing as we are blessed.

Galatians 5:22,23 states : "The Holy Spirit produces a different kind of fruit: unconditional love, joy, peace, patience, kindheartedness, goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness, and self-control. You won’t find any law opposed to fruit like this.”

As the NEW YEAR! begins, be encouraged that you have a God who loves you, who has freed you by His Spirit, from the demands of the this world.  Allow Christ to truly live in you and to be a reflection of His Love to others in any situation as you walk in His Spirit each day.

Have a happy and blessed New Year!

Bill Darpino

Artists & Speakers Announced


We are working hard to put an AMAZING line up for you at Creation 2014.  We have announced a few already and there will be many more posts on our artists, speakers, HM bands over the next few weeks.  So keep checking back on our line up page, Facebook, Twitter and emails.  Be sure to "LIKE" us on Facbook and tell your friends and family to do the same so you are the first to get the Creation Updates.