May 15th The staff application deadline is being extended so fill out your application ASAP!  Once we are either full, or run out of time to process staff, we will take the application down.
You need to be 14 by the time the festival starts.
For the safety of the volunteer, the young person, and our attendees, we do not allow persons under 14 to serve on staff. We also can’t allow non-volunteers to ‘hang out’ with those who are working.
You must provide a valid, government-issued if you are 18 or older. If you are 17 and under, a school ID or another ID with your photo on it will work, if your parent or guardian accompanies you to check-in.
No, volunteers are responsible for their own transportation to and from the festival, as well as their own food, tent and sleeping equipment. There are some food vendors on-site during the festival.
If you are a full-time volunteer you are required to enter the festival on Monday evening between 6 and 10 PM.
In the questions area of the application, you will see a box in which you can type final comments. Put your request in that box. We work hard to try to make those requests happen!
Setup is by invitation and is open only to people who are volunteering during the festival.
We don’t have a group sign-up option. In the questions area, there is a place to list a Group Name if you have one. This will help us either staff you on the same shift and/or job. However, please have each person submit their own application with the same exact Group Name.

Questions? Email staff@creationfest.com