Creation Stories

“Event Of A Lifetime…”

“Creation Fest is the event of a lifetime! God’s presence is so powerful here-it feels like His Holy Land. While walking on the ground, it feels like you are walking on a cloud of cotton! The bands absolutely rock for Jesus! The speakers always seem to say what God wants to tell all of us…that He loves us more than we can ever imagine…This is something that you don’t want to miss-worshipping Our Heavenly Father—practicing for our eternal destiny in Heaven. The joy of the Lord is our strength.”

Jeannette, PA


“At A Loss For Words…”

“I paid my first visit to Creation on June 29, 2005. What a Blessing! After listening to Greg Laurie, I recommitted myself to God! It is just amazing what the Lord has done through Creation, and all the people involved! I’m at a loss for words to express my gratefulness for the opportunity to be a part of this event. I look forward to participating/working at next year’s festival! All I can say is… God is good, all the time!”

~Patricia H
Lancaster, PA


“Things That Matter…”

“Creation is the greatest festival you can go to. CREATION ’05 was amazing. The speakers were such an inspiration and motivation. They opened my eyes to the things that matter in life – the problems and issues of this generation and this world. Creation would be amazing even if the bands weren’t there! It is so awesome to be around 135,000 people and seeing thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds streaming to the prayer tent because they had just decided to commit their life to Jesus Christ! That is God working! It is truly AMAZING. Thank you so much to all the people who make Creation Fest happen!”

~Stormie D
Allentown, PA


“A Marriage Finds Hope…”

“When we went to Creation 2003 our marriage and our relationships with God were in trouble. One evening, in response to one of the speakers, we stood up at exactly the same time and decided to go to the prayer tent together. Once there, God directed us to a man and his wife who prayed for and talked with us for quite a while. God used that man to lead us to our church, where He has been doing mighty things in each of us, in our marriage and children, and in others around us. He has been growing, changing, freeing, healing, and using us in such incredible ways! We are thankful that God cares so much about us to lead us to the places He wants us to be… in this case… it started with Creation.”

~Brian and Erica S
Lumberton, PA


“Come And You’ll Never Be The Same…”

“All I can say is WOW! And what an understatement. I first attended Creation East in 1989, The Year of MUD! Yes it’s true it was almost a complete wash out that year, however the memory of the experience was anything but. I was so overwhelmed and completely swept away by the experience that is CREATION. The love and compassion and complete oneness of those who come under the covering of Christ is like living in a small slice of heaven for what amounts to around 5 days of spiritual bliss. The event takes hold of your heart and completely enraptures you, INSPIRES you and you leave somehow changed and better for having given God the opportunity to speak through the event to your heart. It’s virtually impossible to express in words Creation. This said I can say I haven’t missed a year since that ’89 mud fest and have ONLY endorsed it to so many over the years to come and allow God do a work in their hearts as well. If you’ve never been to CREATION, I can only say come and you’ll never be the same. And you can’t imagine never going back.”

~Richie Cunningham
Akron, OH